Hello and Welcome

This is the first proper blog of many, which will hopefully keep everybody in the loop on how it is going with the service. I will also be posting free tips and horses to follow here.

So 2021, this was a year that I really wanted to make a statement. The first half of 2021 was not what I wanted, it was not good. It got to the point where I had to question if it was time to take a long break away from the profession. At the end of the day I am here to make both my members and myself money. The selections were not firing. Even the horses that you thought were bankers would underperform. Throw in some bad luck and it really was a bad state of affairs. Probably the worst spell I have had.

Thankfully we have came out the other side. The doubles are landing, the horses are running much better and the spark is back. Finding angles, finding value horses and getting a bit of luck along the way. We finished marginally ahead in July but August has seen us fire in some massive wins. The majority of horses are running well and we have kept our outlay down to a minimum. At the time of typing we are approx 100pts up for August.

One thing is for certain we need consistency. Despite a big month so far, I would be foolish to think that we are fully out the woods. However it is a big step in the right direction and hopefully September will be just as good if not better. One thing that will be updated is the results page and I am currently re-doing the graphics on the graphs. This should of been done a while back.

Obviously during those losing spells, previous members would of felt hard done by and left. That is fair enough and I can’t blame yous but any previous member or potential new members can have a 10 day trial before payment is took. Simply head to https://thewinningtipster.com/freetrial/ for more information.

Next blog will be more about winners and horses rather then me waffling.

All The Best